Rizzoli NY


Our work with Rizzoli dates back to 2008 and the monograph we designed on the well-known interior designer David Hicks. For the Hicks publication we developed a unique typeface that incorporated both modern and traditional elements into a single form, reflecting the way that Hicks had pioneered the juxtaposition of antique furniture with radical materials, textiles and colours. Hicks was a flamboyant character and we carried this through to the monograph about his life, with bold colours and playful layouts throughout. Numerals to introduce each new chapter were designed using Hicks’s corporate logo as a modular component, and the case of the book (beneath the dust jacket) was finished with a bold Hicks emblem printed in gold on a dark red cloth.


More recently I was invited to design a publication about the esteemed interior designer Veere Grenney. Though born in New Zealand, Veere settled in the UK and now has properties in London, Tangier and Suffolk – by coincidence his Suffolk property is just down the road from our studio and was once owned by David Hicks, a hero of Veere’s! For this new publication we set out to capture the serenity and sophistication of Veere’s interiors. Inspired by early interior design books of the seventies we decided to divide the book into three distinct sections. The beginning and end of the book, which focus on the story of Veere’s life, would be printed on a soft, uncoated paper stock to emphasise the narrative text as a fundamental component of the layout. Meanwhile the major core of the book, positioned at the centre, would be printed on a more glamorous coated paper, reflecting that this section of the book would be a photographic showcase of Veere Grenney Associate’s work. Rather than organising the book by particular case studies, as is conventional, it was decided to mix together photographs of the properties, with sections organised by room type, or function. This makes for a dynamic and lively publication, set apart from the norm.