Artmonsky Arts


Since 2010 we have been working with design historian and publisher Ruth Artmonsky on a series of design-related publications. So far we are up to eleven books produced together. This began with Shipboard Style: Colin Anderson of the Orient Line, a book about the design culture of the Orient Line shipping firm. For this we developed a bespoke typeface inspired by the block-lettering of Edward McKnight Kauffer, a famous designer who worked on publicity for the Orient Line. The cover and chapter opening spreads were conceived to mirror the aesthetic of the 1930s, with a tasteful, but muted colour palette and simple geometric visuals.


In 2015 David was honoured to be invited by Artmonsky Arts to co-author a monograph about the commercial artist Tom Purvis. Having spent two days at the National Railway Museum archive in York Ruth and David returned ready and raring to go. Our work here culminated in the production of a 128-page book together with a 9,000 word essay by David about Purvis’s ideology and working methods. The cover design and chapter opening spreads pay homage to Purvis’s illustrations, while the headline typography utilising a bespoke typeface designed with reference to Purvis’s own poster lettering.

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